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Drukandra, the God of the Dead, Ruler of the Underworld, found your soul worthy for his quest. After granting you his blessing, you are sent to hunt down Magrath, an entity shrouded in mystery, who wields great power and wishes to claim the world of Azuran as his own. Only by finding the hidden pieces of the Amulet of Valur can you bring this foe down, but doing so won't be easy. Deadly traps and villainous enemies await you for Magrath knows you are coming, and he doesn't intend to make things easy for you!

Azuran Tales: Trials offers an old-school platformer gameplay with a modern take on it. Don't expect any help as you explore all of its handcrafted levels full of lore, monsters, traps, and unique Bosses. This game is straightforward and hard to beat. Magrath's trickery won't be stopped with just one or two bodies clogging the gears of his traps, so you will be forced to learn and adapt or fail and die each and every time!

  • 15 handcrafted levels;
  • Different environments - Dungeons, Caves, Cities, Underground and more;
  • Choice-based character progression;
  • Deadly mechanics;
  • Awesome Boss fights;
  • Nerve-shattering reaction speed usage;
  • Battle Cleric class gameplay and storyline;

On release:

  • Battle Cleric class, gameplay and storyline

Post release:

  • More details soon

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WEB                  http://trials.azurantales.com

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Hey! Already posted this elsewhere, but did a video of this game over on my channel.