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Thank You


The demo looks really nice. The gameplay is smooth and the music is good.


Hey, great video, we're glad you liked the game. 

Unfortunately the demo starts a little slow, but we're fixing that in a future update, with a little bit more action up-front. 



Awesome looking Game


I really enjoyed playing this game, was tons of fun!

The story so far is interesting, the visuals look great, and the actual gameplay feels really smooth too!

There was only one issue that I encountered, where one of my characters somehow teleported underneath the floor, and got stuck there. I was unable to continue the game from that point, as enemies could not hit me, nor could I hit them.

This issue however, will be shown in part two of my let's play, until then, I hope you enjoy part one! I'm looking forward to more of this game!

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I really enjoyed the video! Super cool! 

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!


Hey there, great video, really enjoyed it. We're happy you like the game, hopefully the bug didn't prevent you from seeing much of the demo, the dungeon is quite large. Might be the same bug reported by a few other players, but one that somehow managed to stay hidden during the demo runs we did on our Discord.

One lesson learned is, the tutorial could be better - the characters start with an upgrade point for abilities - so the player can personalize the build from the start, for both available characters. Doing that makes the game easier and more interesting from the first fights. Our bad, we'll update the tutorial pages in an update to the demo.

No problem, every start is difficult! 

Despite the bug and not getting to the skills, I really did enjoy the game and am definitely looking forward to play more of it!

And here is part 2 of the let's play:


Hi! So far I loved the game but I have encountered a problem causing the game to become unplayable...

Once I entered the tower and fought a few of the guards there, Andar seemed to glitch into the ground. This caused him to be unable to move from that specific spot and at the same time, made him become unable to attack since all of his attacks are "out of range"...

Hope this gets fixed soon!

Hi. We're sorry for the issue you've encountered. This kind of glitch is caused by the Unity Engine and all we can do is to somehow detect it and fix it when it happens. We'll look more into this particular error because a few others have encounter it as well. From what I know the causes that trigger the issue are really hard to met so if you have any save prior to the bug it  should not be a problem to resume from there and continue the play. There are really small chances to have the same bug again. Thanks a lot for playing out the demo.

Oh it’s fine! Just wanted to let you know since this glitch seems to be problematic...

I’ve been loving this game so far and I hope this glitch gets fixed soon!


any chance on a linux version and how far along is the development of the game? is there a roadmap?


Hello there, yeah, a Linux version is clearly coming. 

Should have been here together with the Windows version, but some technical issues got us behind schedule and we didn't want to postpone the Windows demo (already postponed too many times).

So yeah, it's on its way, should be around end of next week.

The development status:

- Prologue area + working on first chapter of 5 (quest and interactions design)

- story and overall quest layout set

- Areas are done for 3 out of 5 chapters

- Working on some dungeons for chapter 3 and 4 atm (level design)

- around 80% of the systems are done, even if some don't show in the demo, since they're working on a version 1.0 of the UI (the demo is on version 5.0) and we're updating the whole UI so we chose to not release them

Can't really give any indication of progress in the coming months, with the current world chaos, but we might actually progress faster than expected since we're stuck home anyway :)


I have to say, I'm definitely enjoying the game so far, but some definite feedback needed (though I see you've commented below saying you're having a major overhaul already, following the release).

Some points that I feel need addressing:

1. When resting, provide an "until healed" option, or, if using the slider, have the character portraits show above the rest window indicating how much health/mana will be recovered by the current selection for each character (I'd suggest showing in green how much of the relevant bar is filled up).

2. Basic item stats need to be clearer, i.e. what does the bottom right number represent exactly? I quickly figured out the top left number was a level requirement, but the other number is completely opaque; also, things like weapon damage, I can see the changes that a weapon makes to your stats but what makes one weapon better than another in more obvious terms?

3. Character stats: don't hide the ultimate benefit in a pop-up, it's OK to put the description of what the stat does and certain bonuses in one, but things like armour and magic armour having a damage reduction percentage should be in clear view.

4. When the move command is selected, show the default attack radius around the cursor so that you can ensure you're moving within range of an enemy, at the moment you're having to guess whether you've moved quite far enough. Might want to consider having enemies become highlighted as they fall into the range to ensure they definitely are attackable after the move.


Just discovered a bug with "A Brother's Love" quest, I saved outside the room unlocked the door and entered, ready to face the beast.

Just as combat was about to begin I selected an action and discovered I wasn't quite within range, see #4 above, I hit escape to cancel and accidentally tapped the key twice, bringing up the  pause menu. The cursor was positioned below the menu and, without really thinking, clicked in Exit rather than Resume which took me out of the game to the start page. When I reloaded my save from just outside the room, the lock on the door is no longer highlighted and is unclickable; when I approach the door I get a message about the key vibrating in my pocket, but nothing else happens.

I quit out and closed the game completely, in case it was a temporary memory/buffer error, but after reloading the game the situation still exists. Seems I'm blocked from completing that sidequest now.

Hey YenRug, thank you for the extensive feedback. I'll get back with an answer on every item as I go through them. 

For now, regarding the bug - would be awesome if you could hop in our DISCORD so we can talk and maybe get a save-file. It would be of great help to us figuring out what went wrong and prevent this kind of errors in the future - it's clearly related to the persistence of certain elements in our Save-System and it's important to fix it quick.

Thank you, will return with answers on the other items.


So far so good, nice work devs!

Thank you, glad you like the game.

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Did a let's play for Zoria today on my channel. Looking forward to seeing how this one develops! Looking good so far devs :)

My only complaint really so far being the amount of front loaded text but I understand why it had to be that way for the time being.

Suggestion for improvement: Having an indicator of your attack radius while moving would help a lot. Especially if it would highlight enemies that you were moving into and out of attack range of.

I am digging your video :D

Glad you liked it :)


solid  game. i just forgot to save lol. definitely looking forward to this one 


This game shapes to be great! i live the look and feel, it is easy to control the character and the actions work well, i have some issues with the UI i like to mention

- First there's the dialog and the log written at the same time, i think you should show only the dialog box below and let the player press a key to view the log of the recent events/conversation when he wants

-Also the NEXT button in the dialog doesn't look like a button, I've missed it a couple of times :) you might also allow the you of a key for next.

- There's some thing you collect by moving over them, and some by clicking on them and some using the F key, i think you it will be easier if you consolidate that to one action

- You might need to work on the camera, so the player wont have to fiddle with it all the time 

looking forward to see how you progress, great work!!!!!


Hey, thank you for all your feedback, we're glad you like the game. I'll try to address most things below:

- UI following the demo release we are overhauling the UI completely - there are a fair number of issues mentioned by players and tbh we don't feel it's "there" regarding player information, usability and looks. So it's getting 100% redone :) It's in the "pipeline" as soon as Demo bug-hunting season is over and we deliver an updated version

- Picking things up - all the items (even flowers) you can pick up with F. Everything that's ready to be picked up reacts to the F key. The things that don't react are things that need to be interacted with (opened) - chests and other containers. It's not obvious because we didn't put any that do "stuff" in this demo, but as everything you interact with, some may be harmful or trigger various events, so we kept the interaction step on containers. But it's noted, we'll look into all collecting interactions the player has to consolidate what might be left outside.

- camera - yeah, it's the bane of games small and large. We're constantly working on adjustments - would be of great help to get an idea where is most bothersome - moving? combat? 

Again, thank you for your feedback, every suggestion we receive helps us make a better game. If you feel like joining the conversation you can join our Discord, all bug reports and suggestions are welcome.

Would also greatly appreciate if you could give us 5 minutes on THIS feedback form, some questions on all aspects of the game that help us see what works and what doesn't.


Looks good


Hey everyone,

First of all, thank you all for the awesome reception and feedback. It's great to see people playing the game and we're glad most of you liked what they saw.

Second, we already received a number of issues with the game, none game-breaking, but rest assured we're working on them and will have an update of the demo very soon that will fix all these issues.

Thank you,



Really great looking so far, I'm excited to see what future versions look like! Mechanics seem solid, combat is well thought out and easy to learn, and visually it looks great.

My biggest concern is the writing; it's pretty wordy and throws a lot of fantasy exposition at you right off the bat. I worry that the story will suffer if it's not told in a more fluid way.

But it's definitely going into my steam wishlist and I will be following this development! 


Hey, thank you so much for the feedback. We're glad you like the game, or most of it :D 

Regarding the writing, it was somewhat unavoidable since it's a demo meant to get people into the story ... a new world, new character, state of the world, and all that in an hour or so of content. 

For the full game, the plan is to thin the "wall of text" and go for a learn by playing style, but it was rather little space for that here.

Anyway, thank you so much for the feedback, it's super useful for us. If you like the project and want to see how it goes forward, we'd be happy to have you on Discord - the more feedback, the better for the end product.



Good demo like see more.

We're glad you like it, you can follow the game or join our Discord and maybe chat and give your impressions on the game going forward.


nice game

Thank you, we're glad you like it.

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Been checking this Demo out since before they published it to  Really like the game play and the dev team is very friendly and responsive in the Discord channel.

Solid game play with great tutorial messages as you start to get into the game.  Good start to what I hope is a great story!